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Dhruva Telugu Movie Review

Remakes are not something new to cinema. But doing justice to the original while framing up a remake is a daunting task. Has Dhruva scooped up the challenge to show a consummate ability to achieve the same? Read more to find out…
Dhruva, remake of the Tamil film, Thani Oruvan revolves around a cat and mouse game between 2 characters, Dhruva IPS and Abhimanyu. Who succeeds in the this? Who wins and emerges at the top is what forms the rest of story …..
Fuelled by a taut story, the screenplay races with a fiery pace.With characters that are sketched  in a solid manner, the movie is sprinkled of sharp dialogues that make it a very crisp watch. The director adds a few touches which are not only identifiable but also remarkable. For instance, the part where the relevance of the number 8 is portrayed makes you realise that the director Surender Reddy has resorted to changing a few bolts and nuts here and there to deliver a film that does not resemble a rehash. Full credits to the director for attempting to give us a remake that captures the soul of the original but is modified accordingly to don an altered look.

We tip our hat to the cinematographer P.S.Vinod for his stunning work. His frames spell magic. Backed by an editor whose scissors come as incisively sharp and a VFX  team who are astute, one can very well say that the director would be proud of his technical team.
Ram Charan is apt but it is Arvind Swamy who consumes our attention with his portrayal. Navdeep is an intelligent pick  while Rakul Preet Singh does what is expected out of her. The rest of the cast make good fits.
Although the background score suits well enough, the songs fail to make an impact. The song “ Neethonay Dance Tonight ” acts as a speed breaker. A few hiccups do arise but in no way do those take away the toil put by the team to give us a remake that stands out as a memorable one. Overall , Dhruva is an intelligent remake served with a mix of few commercial elements.


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