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Manyam puli telugu movie review

Director : Vysakh
Producer : Krishna Reddy
Music Director : Gopi Sunder
Starring : Mohanlal, Kamalini Mukherjee, Jagapati Babu
Puli Murugan was one film which was a huge hit in Malayalam. The film has been dubbed as Manyam Puli in Telugu and has hit the screens today. Let’s see whether it manages to impress the Telugu audience or not.

Puliyooru is a small village which falls under a dense and deadly man-eating tiger area. Things often get tensed as many kids and people keep getting killed by the Tigers living around it.
On the other hand, Kumar(Mohan Lal) is the only man in the village who is capable of fighting the Tigers with his deadly skills. As time passes by, Kumar who is also a lorry driver gets engrossed in a drug case and is forced to leave the village which is already in huge danger.
What happens to his village members now ? Will Kumar come back and save them ? What kind of problems does Kumar face in the city? and where does Jagapathi Babu fit in this setup ? That forms the rest of the story.

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