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The Black Prince Hindi Movie Review

Movie Name The Black Prince
Release Date 21-Jul-17
Language Hindi
Cast and Crew Satinder Sartaaj, Jason Flemyng, Shabhana Azmi and Amanda Root
Music Director George Kallis
Director Kavi Raz
Producer KR Films Hollywood,

The Black Prince brings to life the story of Maharaja Duleep Singh on the silver screen, one of the important chapters in the colonial history that has remained untouched and unknown by many Indians who do not hail from the state of Punjab. The Black Prince has been written and directed by Punjabi-origin filmmaker Kavi Raz, of KR Films starring Satinder Sartaaj, Jason Flemyng, Shabana Azmi, Amanda Root, Keith Duffy, David Essex, Rup Magon and Sophie Stevens.
Life wasn’t all royally exquisite for Punjab’s last ruler Maharaja Duleep Singh, youngest son of the mighty Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He became a king at the age of five, separated from his mother at the age of 11, and was deported to England at the age of 15. Maharaja Duleep Singh’s story of trials, tribulations, and tragedies is the least royal kind of life you would want. In the land of her Majesty, Maharaja Duleep Singh grew up under the patronage of Queen Victoria, however, this little kid posed a threat to the British empire in India.
When he met his mother after 13 years, he was already a converted Christian. Torn between two worlds the Maharaja began another journey to connect to his roots and become a Sikh again. He fought with the British till the end, but he died alone in Paris as a pauper according to many historians.

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